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  • Cultural Capital pt 2: what 'culture' are we supposed to capitalise on?

    As, seemingly with all big ideas in education, the concept of cultural capital has begun to morph into a slimline version which seems to stereotypi...
  • Three things that have restored my faith in education

    Slowly but surely, I've been nursing myself back from being utterly disaffected with the education system. Getting to feel that way in the first pl...
  • Five things I learned from writing a GCSE English Literature essay under timed conditions

    I've recently begun working with a student who is preparing for the Edexcel English Literature GCSE and as a part of our work together, we have both completed a question about the 'Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde' under timed conditions. We will be peer assessing. The question asked how the character of Hyde is presented as a frightening outsider, with an extract from Chapter 2 as the starting point. It is an AQA English Literature GCSE practice question
  • Reading List to Complement Study of the ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ (1886)

    How do you get a grade 9 in English Literature GCSE? You use your initiative and explore your topics in depth. Wide reading is one way to make sure that your understanding of set texts is developed and honed, and that your ideas about themes, characters, language and context are richly informed. 

    Here's a suggested reading list to complement the study of the 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'.

  • The 'How to Revise for English' Series: 4 - What Skills Should I Focus on for Revision?

    I am lucky enough that I spend my days working with a wide range of students from lots of different places. One thing that seems to stay pretty muc...
  • The 'How to Revise for English' Series: 3 - The 60 day challenge

    60 days until the first language exam means 60 days to revise!  Have a go at these English language revision ideas :)   Write a leaflet for studen...
  • The 'How to Revise for English' Series: 2 - What To Expect in the Exam (AQA)

    What can I expect in the exam?     Paper 1 [1 hour 45] Paper 2 [1 hour 45] Section A: Reading You should spend 1 hour on this section o...
  • The 'How to Revise for English' Series: 1 - What Are You Being Tested On?

    Sadly, I'm guilty of sitting at parent and carer evenings and suggesting that the best way to revise or help at home with English is to 'make sure that your child is reading'. Well, yeah - duh. Now I'm not pooh poohing this advice because reading is undoubtedly one of THE BEST activities to ensure progress in English, but it isn't a fix-all solution.
  • The CILIP Carnegie Medal Shortlist 2019

    I am very much a latecomer to the CILIP Carnegie awards, having come across it in my previous post because our Librarian annually created a Shadowi...
  • Cultural Capital: What is it and how do you get it?

    "Cultural Capital" - everyone, 2019.
  • #flashinspo - what is it?

    Do you ever get stuck for inspiration? Does writer's block hound you? Have you ever felt stuck in a creative rut? #flashinspo can help! Whatever...
  • Once Upon a Time...

    Tuesday 26th February 2019 will herald this year's National Tell a Fairytale Day.

    To mark the occasion, why not try this fun writing exercise:

    • Choose a fairy tale, for example, Red Riding Hood.
    • Rewrite the fairytale to convey the voice, language choices, and attitudes of someone else, for example, yourself, your parent/carer, the PM, the POTUS, your pet...