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Mindful Christmassing: Make your own piñata

Mindful Christmassing: Make your own piñata

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Our Mindful Doing workshops are carefully designed to create something some would consider an anomaly: a community for introverts. Limited to 12 spaces per session, we maintain a relaxed environment whilst guiding and supporting you to make a unique item. For us, the focus is largely on the process, rather than the outcome. It’s important for us both that there is no pressure to share (either introductions and ‘about me’, or your creations!) and you feel comfortable enough to explore creatively.

Christmas 2019 allows us to introduce two special Mindful Doing workshops, including this chance to make your own festive piñata. The processes of cutting and moulding base materials, pairing colours and textures, trimming and layering papers, and filling your piñata all allow for maximum mindful meditation and to top it off, you’ll be leaving us filled with festive spirit, carrying a beautiful, unique, handmade piñata that is sure to spread merriment and joy at any seasonal event!

Although we would do our utmost to avoid any changes to the scheduled crafts, sometimes elements outside of our control may mean that we have to make ammendments; if for any reason this happens, we will contact you with updates.

When? Saturday 14th December

Where? Creative Space Bristol

What time? 6-9pm


  • I want to attend all four sessions but can't afford to make the payment in one go - can you help? Absolutely! Send us over an email with whatever details you can spare and we will set up a personalised payment scheme so that you don't miss out on the discounts.
  • Will there be refreshments? Yes - yummy ones as well! We provide snacks at every event, usually something sweet and something savoury. Tea will be practically on tap, along with other hot and cold drinks. For our Christmas events, our refreshments will recieve a festive makeover! Think mince pies and mulled wine.
  • Can you cater to my dietary requirements? Of course. All of the refreshments we provide are vegan or have a vegan option (milk) and if you have other specific requirements, send us an email and we will be happy to make necessary ammendments.
  • Is the property accessible? There is parking directly outside the event space, which has a small fee during daytime hours. The main door opens out onto the pavement and there is now a ramp for the one indoor step. The bathroom is small and has no rails.
  • I suffer from anxiety; will this event be suitable for me? These events are made for you. Creativity as therapy is the core concept that inspired Mindful Doing.
  • How are you ensuring that your events are environmentally friendly? As much as possible, we purchase organic or ethically sourced/made products. We do our best to avoid using plastics, however there are times that this is unavoidable or times when we do not want to replace plastics that we already own and use as that is wasteful (such as with papermaking). As Lottie's business is mainly print based, she has lots of paper that she will bring along in various capacities to be reused in the beautiful products you make.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. We really are a friendly pair and we know that new and different things can be a bit daunting; we're all about hosting events that are friendly, inspiring and fun within a calm and relaxed environment.

The best way to contact us is to email Ellie: