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Level 2 Functional Skills in English

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Curricular Transition in English

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Lockdown English Lessons

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Creative Courses

Our Mindful Doing workshops are carefully designed to create something some would consider an anomaly: a community for introverts. Limited to 12 spaces per session, we maintain a relaxed environment whilst guiding and supporting you to make a unique item. For us, the focus is largely on the process, rather than the outcome. It’s important for us both that there is no pressure to share (either introductions and ‘about me’, or your creations!) and you feel comfortable enough to explore creatively.

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Looking for inspiration?

Explore our new Flash Inspo range if you're in need of a creative intervention: from kits that will spark light to new ideas, to exciting cross-curricular projects that will have everyone enjoying learning new things, there's something for everyone here!

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English Tuition

I am here to help! Tutoring is tailored to your specific English needs, and takes place in real life, through school, or online. 1-2-1 and small group tutoring are both easy to arrange. Need extra marking and feedback? No problem! 

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What my customers say:

Ellie has been tutoring my daughters for 2 years, successfully helping my eldest to achieve fantastic grades in her GCSE English and English Literature exams and supporting my youngest through her English Literature GCSE a year early.  Ellie inspires creativity, builds confidence and makes learning fun by creating a relaxed, supportive environment in which to learn.  She recognises individuality and provides different learning techniques to encourage and develop children to succeed and reach their full potential.  Not a lesson goes by without the sound of laughter in our house– We all want to say thank you for your help. 


My son had Ellie for the last couple of months leading up to his english GCSEs. we've had several tutors over the years, but nobody made a connection or understood our sons needs as well as Ellie .Her style of teaching is not stuffy and really got my son engaged . Another nice touch is plenty of feedback at the end of each session. My only regret is we didn't find her earlier.


Ellie, in a short space of time, has really assisted my daughter to gain the knowledge she needs for her GCSE English exams, supporting her to build her confidence in her ability to get through her GCSEs .

Rachael House

"[My daughter] really seems to have built a bond with you which has really helped her, [she] had given up on English until you took over, so it's great the work you have done with her. Thank you so much for your time & support it means a lot to us." 

Year 11 parent

"...[she] is gaining confidence in class and [we] expect it to continue for a while yet!"

Head of House for Year 7 student

"Your time with [our daughter] is very welcomed and is helping her and I appreciate it."

Year 11 parent

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How Can I Help?

Looking for a local tutor in Bristol who specialises in offering high-quality, personalised English tuition? Or perhaps you are desperately trying to find out how to revise for English. Creative writing workshops might be more your thing. Perhaps you just want to get some reading recommendations. Well luckily, whichever of these best describes your situation, you're in the right place! 

I'm Ellie: working in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and BANES, I offer English tutoring to students in KS3, KS4 and KS5. GCSE English Language and English Literature are the most popular qualifications I am hired to support students with. To date, I have worked in six secondary schools in the local area as a teacher of English, and a middle leader, as well as currently working for six local schools and for over ten private clients as a private tutor

Creating enjoyable and effective revision and learning activities, courses and opportunities is another key focus of Grouty's Guide. 

It's not all about school though. Education should be enjoyable for everyone, and that's why I've created my bookworm collection and my #flashinspo campaign, to ignite inspiration in all of you, whether you prefer to write, paint, draw or create. 2020 also marks the introduction of some exciting #flashinspo workshops help in creative spaces in and around the Bristol area - come along and see what sparks your imagination!

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