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Lockdown Lessons

The lessons you will find here have been created in response to the school 'closures' of 2020; each lesson and project has been designed to enable independent learning and to have some fun with English! 

Secret Societies and Conspiracy Theories - Click Here

Mystery and intrigue will keep you engaged with lots of twists and turns and plenty of tension!

You will read two classic, short 'whodunnit' stories; explore the structure and style of mystery writing; carry out research on conspiracy theories; and create your own characters and write your own 'whodunnit'.

What Makes a Hero?  - Click Here

Learn to create Marvel-worthy characters and understand how to use the conventions of superhero stories to begin writing your own script, as well as taking a step back in time to learn about the classic heroes of Greek mythology. 

You'll need to be a fan of the Marvel Universe for this project, as it relies on you knowing who's who!

Narrative Writing - Click Here