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What Makes a Hero?

Lesson 1: A recipe for success

Task 1 - 30 mins: 

Place the superheroes of the Marvel Universe in rank order. You will need to justify your decisions. If you need a reminder of the possible contenders, you can find a list here.

Worksheet here.

Task 2 - 15 mins:

Make a mind map to explore what makes a Marvel superhero.

Worksheet here.

Task 3 - 15 mins:

Compare two Marvel superheroes. 

Video here.

Worksheet here.

Lesson 2: Designing a character

Creating a character worksheet here.

Getting to know your character worksheet here.

Testing out your character worksheet here.

Lesson 3: Understanding the foil
Lesson 4: Putting your hero centre stage: story writing
Lesson 5: Do all heroes feel rage?
Lesson 6: The Trojan War: do all heroes wear capes?
Lesson 7: Inherent good and historical bias
Lesson 8: Getting to know Achilles
Lesson 9: Hero or Tragic Hero?