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What is Grouty's Guide?

Your school days are the best days of your life…apparently, but how true is this statement now? Exams have been hit by a #throwback and even teachers have been shaken by how much harder they seemed to be at first glance; mental illnesses in young people are rising with continued cuts to public services threatening to keep the stats high and schools are left to deal with the repercussions; and the rapid rate of development in the modern jobs market is one that constantly leads to calls for changes to the education system to better prepare students for the world of work.

Grouty’s Guide is an online tuition and membership platform which makes learning English accessible, challenging and enjoyable. Everyone has different aims and ambitions when it comes to education: some people want to attain that pass mark in English so that they never have to read a book or write a story again; some people aspire to Oxford and Cambridge and need to take every opportunity to ensure that they stand out from the competition; and some people just want to enjoy their learning and see what they can achieve when they really put their minds to it.  We all have different motivations, but whatever yours is, you will find something to enhance your learning here.



So, who is Grouty? And why should we listen to her? 

Hello 👋🏼 

Who am I? 
A Bristol-based bookworm, who sincerely believes that everyone deserves access to a good education (read good as: relevant, enjoyable, accessible and challenging!), and is rarely without a big mug of tea. 

What experience do I have?
I’m a secondary English teacher and I’ve been teaching now since 2012 and working in schools and with students since 2009. I have a BA in English Literature, a PGCE in Secondary English, and an MA in Education. Currently, I am studying an EdD with a focus on educational transitions, so come 2026 I will hopefully level up to Dr Grout! I love learning and believe everyone should be able to!

Additional qualifications include:

  • CCET + AAC = CPT3A with RQTU and BPS registration.
  • Level 5 Dyslexia and Literacy, Support and Intervention (SpLD specialist teacher): in progress. 
  • Mental Health Champions - Foundation Course.
  • Membership of the Chartered College of Teaching.
  • Membership of the International Network of Transitions Researchers.

Why have I started Grouty’s Guide? 
Schools are high pressure places subjected to constant change dictated by the government, and sometimes learning to love learning can be squeezed down the priority list. It is important that young people are able to make the most of their education in a way that is personal to them: whether meeting the pass mark is the priority, or finding a string of books that fill you with joy, or sinking your teeth into a really interesting challenge, Grouty’s Guide seeks to be the place to come to find all the English related learning and support you need. 😊📚