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Cognitive Testing and Exam Access Arrangements Assessments

Prices (subject to change):

  • Cognitive testing and full report for one student: £125 
  • Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) assessment and sections 2&3 of Form 8: £180
  • EAA assessment, sections 2&3 of Form 8, and full report: £250




EAAs cannot be done alone as the person who recommends EAAs also needs to be the one who has completed the tests


Charge for completing section 1 of form 8 (completion of sections 2&3 included)? Charge for supporting SENDCos to complete section 1?

Record forms? Travel? Pre-assessment visits? Planning interventions post-testing?

What about for colleges and FE?

What does a test include? What is included (tests, forms)?