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English Functional Skills Level 2

This is where you will find my course for study towards completion of Level 2 Functional Skills in English. 

Most lessons will include a link to a video tutorial which will take you to my YouTube channel. Please do subscribe for regular updates on new content. 

Also, most lessons will include a downloadable task. For the greatest chance of success, I highly recommend that you either contact me or select marking and feedback from my services list so that you can maintain a good understanding of where you are working. Personalised feedback will allow you to tailor the course to your own specific needs. 

 Videos and resources are being updated regularly; please bear with me!

 Lesson 1: Introduction

An overview of the course.

'Cold' Assessments for reading and writing - a chance for you to get a feel for the demands of the qualification, to gain feedback, and to work out the perfect route through the learning based on your personal requirements. 

Video Tutorial here.

Writing task

Reading task

Reading texts

Lesson 2: Punctuation

Basic and complex punctuation. Definitions, usages, and opportunities to practice accurate use. 

Instructional Videos - how to use punctuation: capital letters; full stops; exclamation marks; question marks; brackets; apostrophes for omission; apostrophes for possession; colons in lists; colons; semi colons in lists; semi colons; commas; commas in lists; speech marks; quotation marks; ellipsis; hyphen; slash.


Capital Letters

Full stops

Exclamation marks

Question marks


Apostrophes for omission

Apostrophes for possession

Colons in lists


Semi colons in lists

Semi colons


Commas in lists

Speech marks

Quotation marks




All the punctuation 1

All the punctuation 2

Lesson 3: Reading

Read a variety of text types of different lengths and levels of complexity. 

Engaging with different texts. 

Answering comprehension questions. 

Video tutorial: Reading and engaging with a group of texts.